SEREX Company located in Voluntari, Ilfov, Romania, is an importer and distributor with tradition, of food products and kitchenware ( yena vessels , glassware, porcelain and opal, stainless steel pots, etc. ) on the Romanian market.
Because of the quality products that SEREX Company is offering, we succeeded to attract a trusty number of customers and to form a network of distributors all over the country.
In the present the Company is situated on a top position on the markets that it is involved, forming itself a network of distribution and a reputation on the market. This is because we offer to our clients a large variety of products of superior quality, constantly by supplying continuously to their working places all over the country.
The success of SEREX Company is because of the large range of products offered at high quality standards, to satisfy all the requests and needs of our clients.